DBS Checks

The law requires that The FA does all that it can to prevent people who are barred from working with children, from becoming involved in football with U18s.

DBS Checks

The FA Enhanced Disclosure tells The FA if a person is barred. It also helps The FA to make informed recruitment decisions about the suitability of people with criminal records who are seeking to have a role with U18s football.

Who should be DBS Checked?

There are strict rules about who can be DBS checked and it is important that candidates meet the criteria before they are entered. In order to have a check, your involvement needs to be frequent. This is usually described as once a week or more, four days or more in one month or overnight although occasionally people with lower levels of contact may still need one.

The following people helping in U18s football should have an FA Enhanced Disclosure:

- Club Welfare Officers
- Team Managers
- Coaches
- First Aiders
- Referees
- Team Assistants
- Regular Club Drivers.

Ordinarily, Club Chairmen, Treasurers and Secretaries do not require a check, if they are just or mainly administrative roles. However, if the people in these roles also help with coaching or at matches, then they will need an FA Enhanced Disclosure.

You do not need to have a check to watch your child play, if you occasionally run the line or if you drive your own child and his/her friends to games if this is a private and personal arrangement with other parents, or if your role is mainly administrative.

It is very important that people who do not need a check are not required to have one, as this is breaking the law and has serious consequences.

Online DBS Checks

Qualified Club Welfare Officers are encouraged to use the FA's Online Application Process. This facility is quicker and cheaper than the traditional paper-based application route and is also virtually error free.

The biggest benefit is a saving of £10.00 per volunteer DBS Check with the cost being £10 as against the current paper cost of £20.00

Register by contacting fachecks@thefa.com or telephoning 0845 210 8080.

Instructions will then be sent out on how to complete the on line process, paper copies can still be requested also using the above contacts.

To log into the DBS site, please go to: https://gbg.onlinedisclosures.co.uk/Authentication/Login?ReturnUrl=%2f

If you have any queries regarding DBS Checks, please contact welfare@birminghamfa.com

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