FA Coaching Deaf Footballers

The FA Coaching Deaf Footballers workshop course is designed to provide football coaches and teachers ideas and practices for the inclusion of deaf players in football sessions within mainstream or impairment specific sessions. Our experienced team of FA qualified tutors provide a quality service designed to support candidates through the course ensuring that individual needs are catered for.

Course Aims & Objectives 

This course will provide an introduction to the organisation and delivery of safe and enjoyable coaching sessions for deaf players. It is ideally suited to those working with groups of young players and/or teams. 

Course Content 

  • Apply and extend existing coaching skills and experience to meet the needs of players 
  • Feel confident in coaching deaf footballers 
  • Improve awareness of deafness and provide better understanding of the needs of deaf footballers 
  • Use basic communication skills for coaching deaf footballers 
  • Use basic British Sign Language signs appropriate to coaching football sessions 
  • Identify appropriate safety and medical considerations 
  • Plan a range of coaching sessions that include deaf footballers 
  • Understand how to include deaf footballers in a match situation 
  • Understand the player pathways available for deaf footballers including the appropriate structures for competition 
Practical Involvement:Candidates will be encouraged to participate practically to maximise their opportunities for learning (however inability to participate will not prevent successful completion of the award). 

Course Pre-requisites 

1st4sport Level 1 Certificate in Coaching Football 

Period of Registration 
  • 12 months 
Course Duration 
  • Six hours 
Suggested Format 
  • One day 
Successful Completion 

A non examinable assessment is via successful completion of: 
  • Full attendance on course 
  • Practical delivery of a 15 minute practical coaching activity based on a specific skill and age group, which demonstrates safe practice, organisation, enjoyment and progression to meet the needs of the players