FA Youth Award Module Two

Developing the Practice. Building on the knowledge learnt in Module One, this course provides practical sessions and workshops that help coaches to develop practices appropriate for the age, maturity, ability and experience levels of their players.

Coaches will be expected to plan, deliver and evaluate their own, and other coaches’ practices during the course. This second module in The FA Youth Award is most suited to club coaches who are keen to improve their own personal development as a coach of young players of any age.

Course Aims: 
To provide candidates who have an ongoing involvement in coaching football players with an opportunity to improve their knowledge and confidence in coaching the 5-16 year age group. 

On successful completion of the FA Youth Award Module 2 you should be able to: 
  1. Identify how to build observation skills 
  2. Reflect upon and begin to understand the outcomes of practices 
  3. Understand the rationale for using different types of practice 
  4. Interpret key issues related to age, ability, maturity & experience & how they apply to practice & coaching 
  5. Understand the value of planning & evaluation/reflection 

Course Content 


Workshops will consider: 
  • Age and maturity issues 
  • Different types of practice and the advantages and disadvantages of each 
  • Unopposed and opposed practice development 
  • Dealing with talented players 
  • Issues in planning & evaluating 

Practical Involvement:

This is a practical based course. Different types of practices will be demonstrated and delivered and candidates will be expected to evaluate these practices as well as plan, deliver and evaluate their own practices. Candidates will be encouraged to take part and those not taking part will be expected to build on their evaluating and observation skills. 

Course Pre-requisites 
  • Be at least 17 years of age 
  • Hold a valid 1st4sport Level 1 CCF or higher (including a current FA Emergency Aid Award plus an FA Safeguarding Children in Football workshop certificate) 
  • a valid FA Youth Award Module 1 Certificate 
  • hold a valid FA Youth Award Module 1 Certificate together with the Age Appropriate Coaching Award and QTS 

Successful Completion 

Formative assessment, full attendance and completion of all workbook tasks.