Girls' Centre of Excellence

A Centre of Excellence (COE) is an enhanced coaching centre that allows female players identified as having elite potential the opportunity to access appropriate levels of coaching and support.

Players will receive the support required to enable them to develop the key attributes required to play at the highest level.

The ‘Philosophy’ of each centre is to disseminate both technical and theoretical information to each player stimulating the players learning. To this end, the precept must be to promote a player centred approach allowing the ‘game to be the teacher’ when appropriate and encompass the principles of LTPD (Long Term Player Development) as set out in The FA LTPD Introductory Guide.

Within our County we are fortunate to have the following Girls’ Centres of Excellence:

Aston Villa
Birmingham City
Sporting Club Albion

For more information, please refer to The FA Girls’ England Talent Pathway Information here.