Club Affiliation 2016 - 17


Make sure your FA CRC's are up to date

                               AFFILIATION/CRC INFORMATION 2016 - 17
The FA has decided that in order for clubs to affiliate to county FAs for next season, all those volunteers who are eligible have an “Accepted” FA/Criminal Record Check (CRC) dated within the past three years. We are advised that a club with even one non-compliant coach, manager, or club welfare officer will not be physically able to complete affiliation via the Whole Game System (WGS).

Birmingham County FA wishes to make the affiliation process as simple and painless as possible for all our clubs and hence we are notifying you now of the need to ensure all volunteers meet the above criteria. We are also attempting to assist leagues who clearly need clubs to affiliate as early as possible in order to complete their structure and arrange fixture lists. To this end we have compiled a series of short animations explaining what a CRC is and why one is needed, who is eligible, and how relevant volunteers can apply.

We would remind all of our clubs that it is the legal responsibility of the individual and the club to ensure those eligible for a check meet the minimum requirements. The Club Welfare Officer can analyse the records of all coaches and managers and see whose check may have expired, or may do before the start of next season. In terms of new recruits then clearly the CRC process must be viewed as a priority, and a pre-entry requisite. Given checks can take up to two months to be “Accepted” it is important that this exercise is not deferred until the last minute.

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