IMPORTANT: Online Course Bookings

As of 1st August 2017 all Birmingham County FA courses must be booked online through

After this date, individuals or clubs will not be able to make bookings over the phone or via email. All courses must be booked online.

The reason behind this decision is to allow learners to take full responsibility for their own booking and accept both Birmingham FA and The FA’s Terms and Conditions of booking.

In August 2016, The FA introduced the new Learner Management System (LMS) to support the online modules linked to the FA Level 1, FA Level 2, and Safeguarding re-certification. All learners at some stage need direct access to this system for current or future courses.

By booking online and accepting the terms and conditions of booking, individuals will automatically get access to this online Learner Management System to allow them to complete their online modules.


What will this change allow you to do?


  • Learners understand and accept the Terms and Conditions before completing a booking
  • Learners can see and book the days that they are available to fully attend and commit to 
  •  Learners have direct access to their online modules immediately after booking 
  •  Learners have access to free CPD modules


What does this mean for Clubs?


We understand that many Clubs in our County wish to pay for courses for their coaches and it is great to see Clubs supporting individuals financially.

But it has been proven within our County that the high volume of learners that do not turn up to courses have not paid their own money for the course.

When booking and paying for a course for a coach, the Club accepts the terms and conditions of booking on behalf of that individual. If that individual does not then attend, the Club is still liable to pay and will lose money.


Adapt your policy to protect you as Clubs:

  1. Step 1: Coach/Manager takes responsibility to book a place on a course themselves
  2. Step 2: Coach/Manager attends every day and completes qualification
  3. Step 3: Qualification is showing on their FAN
  4. Step 4: Club retrospectively provides payment to Coach/Manager


How do I book a Course online?


  1. Step 1: Go to
  2. Step 2: Hover over the Courses tab and click Book Course Online
  3. Step 3: Click the course you wish to book
  4. Step 4: Find the course and venue you can attend
  5. Step 5: Click Book now (Level 1 & 2 courses require your FAN and password)
  6. Step 6: Proceed to payment section

If you have any further queries, please see our FAQs here or contact a member of the Education Team via

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