FA Higher Education Investment

The objectives of The FA Higher Education Investment Fund are as follows:

  • To support effective partnerships working between universities and FA Charter Standard Clubs
  • To enable FA Charter Standard Clubs to gain access to sustainable use of new/existing sports facilities on education sites
  • To create a club environment which would inspire and support students to engage in football as players, volunteers, coaches or referees, creating a new workforce for local clubs and leagues

In doing this the following aims were created:

  • Sustain and grow the number of FA affiliated teams
  • Improve the quality and playing experience for all players
  • Develop a future workforce to support the delivery of the National Game Strategy

In total six universities successfully applied for funding (max £2,500) to drive participation and -develop the workforce. The impact of this investment is clearly visible:

  • A significant increase in intra-mural football and futsal 
  • The development of over 40 new grassroots teams 
  •  Increased participation by 700 new players 
  •  Increased workforce by 188 new FA qualified coaches and 95 new FA qualified referees

This approach has brought the student population and wider community closer together. In addition, new partnerships have been brokered and a focus towards community/child centred approach to football development established, together with a willingness for universities to work collaboratively with local football providers (clubs and leagues).