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SSE Wildcats

SSE Wildcats: for 5-11 girls to have fun, make friends and play football

SSE Wildcats football centres offer girls aged 5-11 a chance to try football for the first time and provide regular opportunities to play.

Sessions take place on a weekly basis, either after school or at weekends, at over 1,250 SSE Wildcats centres across the country and are focused on helping girls make friends, have fun and be active through football.

All sessions are delivered by FA qualified coaches, providing a safe place for girls to try football for the first time and develop key skills.

Getting started

SSE Wildcats was established in partnership with SSE, supporters of girls' football participation and sponsor of the SSE Women's FA Cup, with support from UEFA, FIFA and the Youth Sport Trust.

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what does an sse wildcats centre look like?

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Cottage Farm Rangers
We visited Cottage Farm Rangers one year after they set up their Wildcats centre.