We are now linked to a national database, which links information about players and clubs including all suspensions. As a club you are fully responsible for ensuring that your players are not suspended before you play them.

Should your club play a suspended player, both the player and club will face disciplinary action.

For details of suspended individuals, please use the search engine below. This will provide the infomation relating to the length of ban and when it is due to commence. Any individual under a sine die suspension wil not have an automatic end date and you may need to contact the office for further information.

If the player is suspended for monies owed or outstanding debts, the debt must be paid to Birmingham FA only before he/she can play and receive either a receipt for payment or a verbal/written clearance notice from the County FA before playing.

If you believe that an individual has played whilst under suspension, or that there are any discrepancies with the information provided, please contact the office.

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