RESPECT Sanctions

RESPCT sanctions for the 2017/18 season


A Club’s disciplinary record will be based on a points system, dependent on the type of offence, as follows: 

        (a) Cautions

1 point for each offence, with the exception of dissent, which will attract 2 points. 

        (b) Send Offs

S1 – Serious Foul Play - 5 points

S2 – Violent conduct - 6 points

S3 – Spitting at a an Opponent - 7 points

S4 & S5 – Denies an Obvious goal scoring opportunity - 3 points

S6 – Use of offensive or insulting or abuse language - 4 points

S7 – Receiving a second caution in a match – 3 points 

        (c) Misconduct charges

5 points each, unless increased by the Disciplinary Commission


Discipline Response Times


Response time frames for cases can vary depending on the type of charge, please check the response date on all correspondence received. Below is a brief guide to the response time frames.

  • Cautions = 14 days to respond 
  • Misconduct Charges = 14 days to respond 
  • Standard Charges = 7 days to respond

Misconduct Charges with a 7 days respond time are as follows 

  • Assaults
  • Abandoned Matches
  • Discrimination
  • Playing on suspension (Club / Player)


Sanctions Help Document

Sanctions Help Document


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