Cerebral Palsy

FA Cerebral Palsy Regional Centre of Excellence (West Midlands) is a well-established centre that has delivered over the past five years.

Within that five year period, the centres successes have been supporting professionals footballers through rehabilitation, winning league and cup titles, and producing a significant amount of players who have represented England and Great Britain at major tournaments.

Our aim is for cerebral palsy players onto the England Talent Pathway and to get them to reach their goals and ambitions.

If you require further information around the Cerebral Palsy Centre please contact Workforce Manager, Jasbir Batt on 0121 357 4278 Ext 215 / 07980 830648 or jasbir.batt@birminghamfa.com  

Please click here to download a flyer with training information on.

Partially Sighted and Deaf