New Referee Strategy Announced

The FA have launched a new National Referee Strategy (NRS) and The DNA of English Refereeing to improve recruitment, retention and development of…

The publication of The FA National Referee Strategy (NRS) provides an important moment in English refereeing, as it sets out the organisational blueprint of the key principles, frameworks and structures for referee recruitment, retention and development.

The NRS demonstrates The FA’s commitment to maximising the opportunities for inclusion, participation and development at all levels of the refereeing pyramid across the range of roles in refereeing.

Please find a copy of the two key documents listed below in the Documents Section at the foot of this page as well as a link to the digital version of the NRS available by clicking here

The FA National Referee Strategy

This document sets out the principles, frameworks and structures for the recruitment, retention and development of referees in eight key strands:

  • The DNA of English refereeing
  • The Structure of English refereeing
  • National Referee Curriculum (NRC)
  • Recruitment and Retention
  • Participation and Coverage
  • Development Pathways and Opportunities
  • Governance and Administration
  • Raising the profile of English refereeing

The DNA of English Refereeing

This is one of the eight strands of The NRS. It is important that at all levels of English refereeing, all those involved as match officials, coaches, observers, tutors and mentors are united by a set of core values:

  • Respect
  • Empathy
  • Fitness
  • Evaluation
  • Reliability
  • Education
  • Excellence

These seven values are integral to the work and attitudes of all, and provide the DNA of English refereeing.

The FA National Referee Strategy 
DNA of English Refereeing

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