Goalkeeping FA Level 1

Course Information:
Minimum Age: 16 
Course Duration: Minimum of 18 hours 

Course Prerequisites: 
In date FA Emergency Aid Certificate and In date FA Safeguarding Children Certificate 

Who is it for: 
This course is open to all coaches who are interested in goalkeeping and wish to enhance their knowledge of a number of goalkeeping techniques. 

Course Aims and Objectives

This FA Goalkeeping Award will provide candidates with the ability to organise and develop the key aspects related to basic individual techniques. It will provide the candidate with clear guidance on the preparation and planning required to progress the technical practices in a safe and enjoyable environment. 

Leading to: 

The FA Goalkeeping Coaching Certificate (Level 2) 

Course Content

The practical elements of the course will provide candidates with the following elements: 

  • Specific goalkeeping warm ups and cool downs 
  • Coaching basic individual techniques including footwork, the set position, handling techniques, diving saves (catching/deflecting/parrying), dealing 1 v1 situations and crosses 
  • Understanding how to develop and improve the Goalkeepers' technique 
  • Planning and preparing progressive technical practices 
  • Maintaining the health and safety of the players and other coaches 
  • Maintaining the high standards of conduct to promote Association Football 
  • The theoretical elements of the course will consolidate the key technical aspects of goalkeeping together with the Long Term Player Development (LTPD) model. 
The two three hour workshops (Safeguarding in Football and FA Emergency Aid) should also be completed. 

Practical Involvement: 

Candidates are encouraged to participate practically to maximise their opportunities for learning. (This however will not prevent successful completion of the award) 

Assessment: Assessment is via successful practical delivery of a 15 minute goalkeeping coaching topic. 

Candidates can be reassessed by arrangement with the Course Director.

Refresher: N/A