Girls Football Week Kicks Off

Featured Event: BCFA FIVES

This week we will be highlighting some the great female football initiatives around the county to celebrate Girls’ Football Week. Today we kick off with BCFA Fives.

What:     BCFA Fives
Where:  Sporting Khalsa FC
Who:     Adult female players

BCFA Fives offers high quality but affordable small-sided football with a female only league taking place every Monday evening.

A dedicated league coordinator oversees the organisation and delivery of the sessions, which are informal and flexible, with fun and enjoyment being the aim of the game.

Players can decide the length of the matches and the format adapts each week to fit around the participants. 22 players attended Monday’s session to kick off Girls’ Football Week.

Tiffany Heaven, BCFA Fives League Coordinator, heads up the female sessions and commented: “We are able to provide a wide variety of women with affordable and convenient football – everyone just enjoys being here”.

Participants echoed Tiffany’s sentiment saying: “11 a-side can take up your whole day – FIVES fits around me and my family.”

Another player commented: “It’s a change from the seriousness, FIVES is fun and great for team bonding”.

BCFA Fives aims to grow the presence of small-sided and recreational football, offering an alternative to affiliated and 11 a-side football. The league has developed a new way for women to start playing or stay involved in the game.

On the back of this week, Tiffany is hoping that more players will join in and more teams will help expand the league. A new U16s league is also in the pipeline supported by a partnership with local schools.

If you would like more information on the league or would like to enter, please contact


Girls across the UK will be provided with increased opportunities to play football after a new nationwide participation programme was announced.

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