Birmingham County is responsible for maintaining discipline at grass roots level and abides by the procedures issued annually by the Football Association.

The FA Council has confirmed that from the start of season 2012/13 all football types, with the exception of small sided football, will receive match based suspensions. The types of football that will now receive match based suspensions are categorised as Saturday, Sunday, Midweek, Youth, Schools, Veterans and Representative Football.

So what does this mean for you?

This new approach will improve the consistency of sanctions throughout all levels of the game across the country and ensure suspensions that are imposed on players are fair and in proportion to the offence they have been charged with.
A match based suspension for a standard charge (straight red card, 2x yellow card) in any of the types of football will only result in a suspension from that type the individual will be free to participate in all other types during the suspension. The only exception is in the case of misconduct charges which result in suspensions from all football.

The suspensions and fines for 2012-13 are as follows:


Standard Charges   Below NLS Fine  Suspension (matches) Step 5-7 Fine   Suspension (matches)
 Serious Foul Play  £25.00                  3  £40.00                  3
 Violent Conduct  £25.00                  3  £40.00                  3
 Spitting  £50.00                  6  £50.00                  6
 Denying a Goal Scoring Oppourtunity  £15.00                  1  £20.00                  1
 Abusive/Offensive Language  £25.00                  2  £30.00                  2
 2nd Caution  £15.00                  1  £20.00                  1
If you receive a Misconduct charge (case number ending in M) these do not carry set suspensions. These types of cases are heard by a Discipline Commission who decide on the appropriate suspensions and/or fine.