Get Your Boots On

Innovative 'match-maker' app getting footballers back in the game Ever find yourself short of players? Want to play football but don’t know where to look?

Get Your Boots On is Birmingham FA’s newest platform designed to help grassroots footballers find their perfect match and make it easier for the grassroots game to connect.

Get Your Boots On takes the hassle out of the game by bringing players and teams together based on preferred playing times, locations, and formats, ultimately helping them find their perfect football ‘match’ on their mobile, tablet or smartphone.

Former Aston Villa and England midfielder Lee Hendrie gave his support to "Get Your Boots On" saying the online platform would transform the way grassroots football connects.

He said: "I was lucky enough to play at the top level so when I retired and took up Sunday League football people knew about me and approached me to play for them.

"But imagine someone moves to a new city with their job or university - how do they find a team in a city they don’t know and how do teams struggling for players advertise the fact they need a striker or a goalkeeper? Get Your Boots On does it all and is perfect as most players have access to a phone or a tablet."

Registering with Birmingham County FA’s newest initiative at will enable members of Get Your Boots On to select a specific format of football they wish to play, whether that be a kick-about or a team to join; along with suitable days, times and locations.

In turn, Get Your Boots On, which will exclusively serve over 4,000 Birmingham FA teams, will provide a quick and easy tool for those teams and providers who are looking for players to join them, making access to the game easier for players who might otherwise turn to other forms of recreational sport for fitness and to socialise.

Over 800 users are registered with Get Your Boots On and, during the first six months, over half have found a match.

Kevin Shoemake, Birmingham FA Chief Executive said “There is real focus to support the grassroots game by ensuring teams have large enough squads and we also see a real opportunity to grow and develop participation through the platform. We believe this new website can make it simple for those who want to join or get back into the game to ‘get their boots on’ again”.

Birmingham FA, which is the largest County FA in the country, is the first to launch such an initiative. This comes after announcing that their new 4 year strategy is focused on boosting participation, developing players, and improving facilities.

GET YOUR BOOTS ON matches footballers to football … simple!

Step 1: Sign up to  
Step 2: Fill in your profile and search based on your criteria
Step 3: Contact your match, go get your boots on and play!

Visit to register and find out more.