Higher Education Team Twenty-Three

British Universities & Colleges Sport (BUCS) aims to continue to support universities to enhance and develop intramural football and futsal leagues through our new refreshed package for TEAM TWENTYTHREE.

As with all products, to ensure we keep up to date with our audience and ensure our products are what you want so we've made some changes to TEAM TWENTYTHREE. To find out more about TEAM TWENTYTHREE and to view our changes please read below or click here to download the document.

BUCS appreciates intramural football is a well-established form of university football and futsal played on a weekly basis in all formations. Intramural football can be used to impact on the student experience, satisfaction, health & well-being and develop leadership skills. In addition, there is a significant number of students who attend university football club trials and ail to make the team, therefore we want to ensure we continue to invest in the development of intramural football to cater for all individuals.

'TEAM TWENTYTHREE' is a FREE package of equipment and marketing resources, running until 2017, that enables universities to develop new and existing intramural football league. The programme will continue to operate alongside the FA investment through the Sport England Whole Sport Plan 2013-172017 and the FA National Game Strategy investment, looking to achieve the following key aims:

  1. Increase participation in football and futsal on and off campus
  2. Increase the number of football (11v11 & small-sided) and futsal teams 
  3. Increase the football workforce by providing opportunities to coach, referee and volunteer, co-ordinate and media 
  4.  Raise standards as Team Twenty Three will also delivery FA Respect 
  5.  Contribute towards the development of BUCS football and futsal programmes and the FA National Futsal competition

TEAM TWENTYTHTEE can support your university by:

  1. Enhancing the student experience, satisfaction, health & well-being by providing a form of recreational, social football 
  2. Develop students through football workforce opportunities; creating opportunities for students to develop leadership skills and enhance employability prospects 
  3. Create a new intramural programme to support new and current football pathway; both male and female
    In addition, there is a significant number of students who attend university Football Club trails and fail to make the teams therefore it is important that we continue to invest in the development of intra-mural football to cater for these individuals.

TEAM TWENTYTHREE consists of three categories:

  1. Cat 1 - Develop a minimum of 6 teams within 12 months and adopt the CAT 1 operating standards
  2. Cat 2 - Develop between 6-18 teams within 12 months and adopt the CAT 2 operating standards
  3. Cat 3 - Develop 18+ teams within 12 months and adopt the CAT 3 operating standards

Each year you will receive a voucher to purchase the kit and equipment you need for your TEAM TWENTYTHREE league. It's simple to apply for and is free to all BUCS universities however the number of applications is limited to 60. To view the full package details or download the document, please click here. Please note: vouchers will only be refreshed and upgrade packages will only be issued subject to the university delivering category targets and adhering to the operating standards.

For more information please contact Luke Bowles on Luke.Bowles@Birminghamfa.com