Become a Referee

Who Can Become a Referee?

  • Refereeing courses are available to anyone aged 14 or above
  • We are looking for committed individuals with a passion for the game

What Do I Have To Do To Become a Referee?

  • Complete provided pre-course work
  • Attend a basic referees course
  • Pass an examination on the laws of the game
  • As part of training, referee a minimum of 6 11v11 games. (The scheduled dates to complete these games will be included in the referees course dates, and you will be expected to attend all Game Days)
  • Attend a Next Steps Module 5 workshop

Why Should I Become a Referee?

  • 1 in 100 new referees will end up operating on the Football League in their lifetime!
  • Refereeing is a greatly enjoyable hobby, giving you a chance to make new friends, learn new skills... And importantly – you get paid!
  • Refereeing is a great opportunity to stay involved in a sport that you love

How do I apply to be considered for a basic referee course?

The initial enquiry must be forwarded to the referees department via completion of the ‘Referee Course Questionnaire’

The responses you provide will determine whether we are in a position to provide you a place on the next referees’ course. Please be aware that your subsequent return of this document does not guarantee you a place on the next available course. Having completed and returned the document back to ourselves please await further acknowledgement and instructions.

All applicants will be placed on a database, and if the criteria for acceptance onto the basic referee course has been met, and we are able to source the relevant training matches for you, we will get in contact and supply details for an appropriate referees course.

Click here to access the questionnaire

How much does the referee course cost?

The course has a basic fee of £135. This will include the following:

  • Pre-course study pack including  ‘Learn The Laws’ interactive DVD
  • A copy of the FIFA Laws Of The Game handbook
  • A ‘Basic Referees’ Course’ manual containing advice and guidance on all aspects of refereeing
  • FA Licensed Referee Tutors 
  • Referee Course examinations – This will consist of one written paper, and one DVD-based examination paper. 
  • FA Safeguarding Children training
  • Appointments onto six games at a local level
  • A mentor to assist you in the early stages of your refereeing career 
  • Annual  Referee registration fee for one season
  • Certificate confirming your referee qualification (upon completion of 6 training games)
  • FA Referee badge (upon completion of 6 games )

All candidates over 18 years of age must also complete an FA Criminal Records Check, for which the current cost is £10 via the online TMG CRB site

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Become A Referee