Referee Registration 2017

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Referee Registrations is now live via the Whole Game System. You can view a guidance video or step-by-step guide to help you complete your registration.

Referee Registration

Under FA regulations, referees must register each season to ensure they can referee in affiliated leagues. Upon registration you will receive your affiliation number, which this year will begin with 'SR' followed by your registration number. This number will also show on your Whole Game System (WGS) profile

How Do I Register?

As in previous years, referee registration should be completed via the Whole Game System.

How much does it Cost?

Referee Registration cost £20 until 1st June as a £5 Late Registration Fee will be incurred on ALL REGISTRATIONS received after this date.

Get back into Refereeing

BCFA is happy to hear from Referees who wish to 'Get Back into Refereeing'

If you have failed to register as a Referee with The Association for between two and five seasons you can not re-register until you have successfully undertaken and completed the Basic Referee Training Course written examination. 

We may then register you at your former Level (up to Level 5 Senior County Referee) once we are satisfied with your competence. 

If you have not registered for more than five seasons then you must attend and successfully complete the Basic Referee Training Course at which point you will registered as a Level 7 Junior County Referee.

All leagues are asked to submit a list of the Referees operating within their competitions in order that only registered referees are used. You will be asked by the league to supply your current seasons registration number.