Birmingham County FA are now using The Whole Game System to administer affiliation, referee registration and discipline. 

Read below what the Whole Game System is and how it's a major leap forward in benefiting clubs, players, referees and work load on clubs secretaries. 

The Whole Game System - What Is It?
  • A fully integrated administration system that brings together and enhances the current functionality of Members’Services and other important County FA systems 
  • A 24/7 one-stop administration Portal accessible by all grassroots football participants and incorporating a payment gateway 
  • An online system that will allow key football administrative processes such as club affiliation, league sanction and the management of discipline to be completed electronically 
  • An administration system that links leagues, clubs, referees and the County FA, providing transparency of information and efficiency of communication.

Why Has The Whole Game System Been Introduced?
  • Club officials increasingly comfortable with online processes outside of football – online purchases, cinema or restaurant booking etc 
  • The integrated system will be more efficient and effective to all of the game’s 400,000 volunteers 
  • To reduce the increasing administrative burden being placed upon Club Secretaries 
  • Improve transparency of information between Clubs their League and their County FA
  • To take advantage of new technology and one system that they game has been ushering for. 

Who Can Use The Whole Game System?
  • Club secretaries and key club officials 
  • League secretaries and key league officials 
  • Referees and other members of the referee workforce, including assessors, mentors etc 
  • Team managers, players, parents and coaches 
  • Grassroots and the Professional Game

Basically The Whole Game!

How Will You Access The Whole Game System?
  • Whole Game System will be accessed via the portal, using your FAN and password.
  • You can find your FAN number by clicking here 
  • You will be able to Retrieve your Password by clicking here

Benefits To All Clubs Using WGS?
  • Clubs can affiliate for each new season online, including paying affiliation fees to County F
  • Clubs can amend and edit important Club Information throughout the season 
  • Clubs can process discipline through the system, including paying fees electronically 
  • Clubs can apply for, manage and administer all Charter Standard processes online 
  • Clubs can share information with their League and local County FA 

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