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Club Affiliation for the 2017-18 season will be available from Wednesday 3rd May 2017. All Clubs must complete their affiliation online via the Whole Game System.



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YOUTH CLUBS: Safeguarding Course for Committee Members

Before any Youth Club can begin their Affiliation, 3 Key Club Officials must complete the new Online Safeguarding Course for Committee Members.

This course has been designed to equip key club officials with the appropriate knowledge to ensure that the safeguards we have in place to protect children in the game are as robust as possible.

The course, which takes approximately 30 minutes to complete and is completely free of charge, can be accessed by following the link below.

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Affiliation Process: Step-by-Step

Log in via the Club Portal

To start your Affiliation, please log into the Whole Game System. To log in, you will need to use your FA number and password. If have forgotten your password, then you can be re-set it by clicking here.

If you're not sure what your FA Number is please drop an email to with your name, date of birth and postcode.


Select the Affiliation tab

Click on your role as 'Club Secretary' and select the Affiliation tab, which will appear on the left hand side of your screen.

You can complete the affiliation process gradually so don't worry if you do not have time to complete the process in one go.


Step 1 - Check your Club Details

On the first step, please take time to make sure all your information is correct and up to date. You will find that your club information has been carried over from the previous season so please double check this and amend any information necessary.


Step 2 - Check your Club Officials

Check the listed Club Officials are correct and assign any new people joining you for the 2017-18 season. All Club Officials must be listed in order to progress onto the next step. Hit Save and Continue to go to the next step.


Step 3 - Club Grounds

In this section you can check and amend existing Club grounds. You can also select new playing or training grounds. Please note, this is a mandatory requirement and must be completed before you can proceed to the next step.


Step 4 - Teams and County Cup Entries

On this step, you can add and remove teams and team officials. You will also need to record details of which League you will play in and the County Cup Competitions that each team will compete in.

It is important that you enter the correct amount of teams in their respective County Cup Competitions. If you are unsure about this please contact us for guidance.


Step 5 - Insurance

Please see below for further information regarding insurance. If you have purchased Personal Accident Insurance and have a policy document, please upload it in this section. If you wish to purchase it from our recommended partner, please just tick the box and you can select your policy on the next step.

We provide your Public Liability Insurance as part of your Club Affiliation fee - so no need to worry about purchasing a separate policy. Simply tick the "purchase from County FA" box.

Step 6 - Select Your Insurance Products

Unless you have already uploaded a Personal Accident Insurance document, you must select the Personal Accident policy/policies on this step. This is a mandatory requirement for every team under your Club Affiliation and more information can be found below.

Option 1: This is the MINIMUM cover for Adult Teams
Option 2 - 4:  These are additional levels of cover for Adult Teams, which are optional
Option 5: This the cover for Youth Teams, if you only have Youth teams, select this option

Please select ONE policy option for your club and include ALL TEAMS in the selected option. For example, if you have 3 teams, you will need to purchase 3 policies.

Step 8 - Submit for Approval

Once you have completed your affiliation form, please make sure you click the submit for approval button. This will send your application to us here at Birmingham FA for us to review.

We will then do the necessary checks and process your application. Following this, we will raise an invoice which can be located and paid via your Whole Game System page.


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Personal Accident Insurance

For the start of the 2017/18 season, it will be mandatory for all age groups and formats of football to have Personal Accident Insurance. This is mandatory for both adult and youth age groups.

If players become injured whilst participating in football, financial lost can occur as a result. Personal Accident insurance provides cover to players and can help to offset this potential loss or unexpected expenses.

We have a long standing partnership with grassroots sport teams insurance provider, Sportsguard. Personal Accident Insurance can be purchased from Sportsguard in Step 5 of the online Club Affiliation form. Please select ONE policy per team in your Club.


Public Liability Insurance

We are delighted to provide all our Clubs with Public Liability insurance within the Club Affiliation fee. This means you do not have to purchase this separately. Please just select "purchase from my County FA" in step 5 on the Club Affiliation form.



Should you experience any problems, or would simply like to know more there is a dedicated Whole Game System Help Page within our Help Centre which you can access 24/7.

Alternatively you can contact our dedicated support team available at  

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