Reconnecting with Nature

Football has a great opportunity to reconnect with nature.

Predominantly played outdoors in natural green spaces, there is a plethora of activity that can happen to support natural wild habitats to thrive. 
Save Today Play Tomorrow

Through our Green Innovation Fund we will help clubs that would like to offer part of their ground to create havens for natural habitat.

Maybe you can donate space to local schools to act as nature reserves or living study centres? 

Are there areas of you local community where the football club can make a difference to wildlife and the ecosystems? 

Local litter pick or plastic removal from canals and rivers paths

Rewilding projects  

Woodland Trust projects 

Canals & Rivers Trust



Birmingham & Black Country Wildlife Trust Logo

Birmingham County Football Association and their Save Today, Play Tomorrow programme is pleased to have partnered with Birmingham and Black Country Wildlife Trust as their Charity of the Year for the 2022/23 season. It is hoped through this brand-new partnership that BCFA member clubs and their supports can play a part helping to raise the Trust's profile and encourage and adopt regular fundraising through a series of planned activities from wildlife gardening, citizen science, volunteering, campaigning, events, and training courses at one of the Trust's six nature reserves or two environmental education centres. You can find out more here


Partnership Opportunities

The Save Today, Play Tomorrow project is continually looking for partners that meet our primary aims in tackling climate change and societal issues through football.

If you are keen to join us, then please email 


Whether you are involved in football or not here is a great way to keep up to date with all the relevant information on how we can create a greener and more sustainable game.

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