Beechcroft Progress in FA Peoples Cup

Birmingham Team Named West Midlands Walking Football Champions

BBC Get Inspired has teamed up with the Football Association and the country's leading small-sided football providers to launch the FA People's Cup, a free knockout competition which will give up to 14,000 teams and more than 100,000 players the chance to play in their version of the FA Cup.

The FA hosted an amateur football cup which was open to the general public at their local Goals or Powerleague centre on the weekend of the 21 and 22 February.

Beechchroft, who are based in Hall Green, entered five teams in to the competition at Aston Goals Centre. However, due to the lack of numbers, the competition was moved to Shrewsbury, and Beechcroft took along three teams, (Reds, Blues and Whites)
 accompanied by one team from Shrewsbury (Tony Strollers) and two from Stoke (Stoke City A & Stoke City B).

Beechcroft Reds won all 5 of their groups games scoring twenty and conceding 2. They then won their semi-final 4-0 against Stoke City B.

It was almost an all-Beechcroft Final but Beechcroft Blues lost out  to Tony Strollers 5-4 on penalties in the other Semi-Final.

In the final Beechcroft Red won 7-1 against Tony Strollers to book their place in the next round and become Birmingham & West Midlands Walking Football People’s Cup Champions 2015.

The club said they had a great day and are looking forward to the next round. They said it was great to see players who had not participated in 20 years play their first competitive match. They also said that this can only build on their tremendous Mars Just Play Centres which are recreational matches that take place on a weekly basis.

You can check out Beechcroft's progress through their website here

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