Referee Observer Day


Referee Observer day for match officials interested in becoming a FA observer

The day will include an introductory session, we will also observe a fixture on the field of play at Ray Hall Lane to be refereed by one of our BCFA promotion candidates.

This one day course will help new observers understand the importance of accurate note taking and introduce the competencies that a referee is expected to demonstrate at an appropriate level of football. Candidates will be tasked with watching a live refereeing performance where their notes and findings will be used to produce an observation report on the official.

After lunch we will then do some group-based work surrounding the conducting of the post-match de-brief and also the written assessment report and the marking of the performance we have witnessed.

It is envisaged that the match referee will be in attendance and I am sure that he will take a lot from the event and from your experienced input. This aspect of the day has worked extremely well in recent years and gives a valuable insight for us into the thought processes of the referee. It has proved extremely beneficial for both the referee and New Observers.

Following the course, candidates will need to produce three further observation reports of a satisfactory standard in order for their qualification to be completed.

We will also be joined on the day by all of our County FA Observers.


Observer Day Details

County Offices
Birmingham County Football Association
Ray Hall Lane
Great Barr
B43 6JF

Sunday 3rd September 2017
9:00am - 4:00pm

If you are interested in becoming an observer please contact Referee Development Officer Richard Watson directly via email

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