The Inaugural Tournament Is Taking Place At Boldmere St. Michaels.

On Sunday 2nd September, Birmingham FA will host a free Over 50’s Summer Cup competition at Boldmere St. Michaels from 4:30pm till 7pm.

The matches will be 6-v-6 with the winners receiving a trophy at the end of the tournament.

The format for the inaugural Over 50’s Summer Cup will be determined once all of the teams have signed up after the deadline on Friday 24th August.

IMPORTANT: All participants in this tournament should note that the surface at Boldmere St. Michaels is 3G so please wear the appropriate footwear.

To enter the Over 50’s Summer Cup, please complete the entry form below.  

entry form 

If you would like more information, please contact:

Please note the contact around the Over 50’s League has now changed. If you would like more information please contact Joe.

Access the Rules and Regulations for the Over 50's Summer Cup below.

rules and regulations