We Are Keen To Hear From Individuals Who Are Able To Support The Growth, Retention And Delivery Of Football Across The Region.

Birmingham County FA are keen to hear from individuals who are able to support the growth, retention and delivery of football across the region through the role of Market Research Focus Group Volunteers.

If you would like to help shape what we do and share your opinions and feedback from your region please read through the details below before beginning the application process. The closing date is Friday 9th November 12pm.
Why are we doing this?

We are the first to recognise that the needs & wants of our members are different across the county and the “one size fits all” approach does not always work when we are looking at interventions or new initiatives. By allowing us to gather research faster from regional groups who are ready and willing to participate we can make smarter, quicker evidence based decisions that are reflective of the diverse communities we serve.
By using this method we have a level of confidence that as all focus group members have opted in they have a vested interest in the research and the desired outcomes both regionally and more locally. By reaching out to the same groups regularly we can build rich respondent profiles to help target the right people for the right studies.
Over time we are confident this form of market research will provide us with invaluable local insight into the trends of football throughout the county, helping us to achieve our goal in making the game accessible and safe For All.
What is the role?

Over-surveying has been a common problem historically and with this new approach we will request feedback on new initiatives prior to them starting to understand if they meet the needs of the local football community, and also the effectiveness of existing County FA projects to gather information on whether they are sustainable and meet the original objectives. 

The market research roles are agile with all projects online and accessible via smartphone, tablet or PC. There will be no requirements to travel or attend meetings.

We will commit to not sending you any more than 2 projects per month, each time we will let you know from the start the subject, duration and purpose of the study so you understand the commitment from the outset.
By agreeing to be part of focus groups you will be happy to embrace technology that could include the use of video research via a smartphone or tablet coupled with other short succinct online market research techniques that support gathering meaningful information & data.
What are the Rewards?

These are unpaid volunteer positions, however the feedback and insights could play a pivotal role in how we shape the delivery of football across the various regions that fall under the banner of Birmingham County FA.
The Person

We are looking for engaging, enthusiastic individuals who understand their local grassroots football landscape through being an active participant which includes; player, coach, referee, club or league official and supporter.
Main Accountabilities

  • To offer complete meaningful responses to all market research requests from Birmingham County FA
  • To embrace the use of new & innovative ways to gather market research
  • To assist Birmingham County FA in additional research requested nationally (The Annual Grassroots Football Survey)
  • To act as an advocate in promoting Birmingham County FA’s values & behaviours when engaged in activity related to market research projects

Essential Criteria

  • Applicants must have a flexible approach to this volunteer role, and be committed  to supporting the aims of the market research
  • Applicants must be comfortable in the use of smartphone technology and sharing video footage (using Birmingham County FA approved secure 3rdparty partners)
  • Applicants must clearly demonstrate strong communications skills and be open & honest in all responses
  • Applicants should be happy to challenge the status quo when requested
  • Applicants should be able to demonstrate time management & organisational skills
If you are interested in applying to be part of the regional focus groups please email outlining why you believe you would be suitable for this role.