Sunday Vase 19


This Close Encounter Was Decided In The Early Stages.

Coventry Empire FC won their second County Cup in consecutive years courtesy of an early goal from Liam Davies, who headed in from close range.

The anticipation was high before the match due to both sides being familiar to one another, given their geographical location, resulting in a frantic start at the Walter Goodman Stadium.

Plenty of full-blooded challenges were made, whilst the game started at a high tempo as both teams looked to gain an advantage early on.

It was Coventry Empire who were rewarded after winning a corner. The resulting delivery was curled towards the back post, where Davies evaded the defensive zonal marking to head home from inside the six-yard box.

Ambush responded well and grew into the contest, yet struggled to create anything significant as both teams cancelled each other out.

A ball was crossed towards George Whitelaws on the stroke of half time, but his header failed to hit the target when he looked destined to equalise.

This set the tone for the second period, with Ambush increasing their grip on the contest as they looked to bring the scores level.

Whitelaws saw his half-hearted effort saved before Dom Alleyne, who performed well all game, had two further efforts prevented by Martin Murray.

Sunday Vase 19 1

Despite being on the back foot for large periods during this Final, Coventry Empire deserve credit for the way they defended and absorbed pressure. They were nearly rewarded in the closing stages on the counter attack, with the majority of Ambush players in the attacking third.

Luke Seerey had the opportunity but failed to convert, resulting in a nervous end to the game, however the clock was against Ambush by this point.

Victory in this competition and the Sunday Amateur Cup last season has cemented Coventry Empire FC’s place as one of the most formidable Sunday teams in Birmingham County.