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Complete our Expression of Interest form now.

Birmingham County FA is delighted to announce that the Expression of Interest form for our Coaching Disabled Footballers course is now live.

To give you a greater understanding on the course and what it entails, we spoke to our Football Development Officer (Disability) who answered the following questions.

What is the CDF course?

The Coaching Disabled Footballers course is designed to provide you with ideas and practices for the inclusion of disabled players in football, whether in mainstream or impairment specific sessions.

How long is the course?

The course is split into two modules:

Face-to-face module one: Three hours classroom based. AV facilities for laptops, comfortable room for 24 learners working individually and in groups.

Face-to-face module two: Three hours classroom and practical in an indoor sports hall or on a 3G. ATP required throughout. They need to be adjacent to each other to allow swift movement from classroom to pitch.

The format has changed to two three-hour face-to-face modules, which will hopefully encourage evening and weekend delivery. It is also crucial that there is a two-week gap between each date to allow learners to complete an online module.

The pre-requisite of a Level 1 Qualification remains, whilst learners will also need to complete a short online Introduction to Disability Football module prior to attending the first face-to-face module.

What are the benefits of doing this course?

By attending the course, you should feel more confident and able to:

  • Apply and extend your existing coaching skills to meet the needs of players with a range of impairments.
  • Establish basic communication skills for Coaching Disabled Footballers.
  • Use appropriate technology
  • Identify appropriate safety and medical considerations.
  • Plan a wide range of coaching sessions for disabled players.
  • Use the inclusion spectrum to plan your coaching sessions to include disabled players or provide alternative appropriate opportunities.

What opportunities can arise from doing the CDF course?

The great thing about the new Coaching Disabled Footballers course is that it allows you to transfer information from the course between module one and two into real life settings.

The County Programme continues to produce new opportunities, so you will not struggle to find one upon completion of this course. If candidates are not involved with a disability football club or team, they will be signposted to the Football Development Officer leading on Disability at Birmingham County FA.

How do learners sign up/get involved in this course?

Please follow the link below and complete the form to register your interest. Once a course becomes available, you will be notified:

eoi form

For more information, please contact: