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Latest - Return to Grassroots Football (01-12-20)

Birmingham County FA awaiting details from The FA.

Apologies for the lack of information regarding the lifting of the national lockdown at midnight on the 2nd December and the subsequent return to playing football thereafter.

We know that The Football Association has been and is still having detailed discussions with Government (DCMS) regarding any restrictions that will be put in place and also seeking confirmation regarding travel within and outside of the differing tiers and especially within tier 3.

We have also contacted many of our 14 Local Authorities who are all keen to see organised sport and football return but they are also waiting on the guidance and guidelines before assessing the impact and then either supporting the return to playing and training or setting their own local guidelines as they see fit.

Birmingham County FA and every other County FA are still awaiting this definitive Government and FA guidance and we will share it with Leagues and Clubs as soon as we receive it. 

One thing is certain, DCMS is very concerned that football can and will comply with the any specific training, playing and travel restrictions that may be put in place. 

Therefore, we ask all participants – players, Managers, coaches, officials, volunteers, parents and spectators - to abide by the Government guidance and FA guidelines when they are published. 

We recognise from before that it is only a small percentage of participants flouting the rules but if this continues and infection rates do not stabilise and decline then there is a serious risk that certain levels of the game will be suspended for an indefinite period.

Enjoy the return to football, have a good festive season but above all else, please stay safe.

Kevin Shoemake
Birmingham County FA CEO