Discrimination in Football - Your Opinions Matter

Start sharing your experiences today

As part of a study into discrimination in football and how this may be representative of daily life, Birmingham County Football Association is reaching out to gather video responses from BAME communities and those identifying as LGBT or living with disabilities.

The main purpose behind the study is to further discover what issues are present in society and what Birmingham County FA can do to influence a positive change, whilst supporting the RESPECT campaign at a greater level. 

To gather this feedback, the County FA has produced a qualitative survey which can be completed through video feedback from smartphones and tablets, helping to share rich, emotive stories which go above and beyond statistics.  

So, if you or somebody you know has an interest in football and identifies as BAME or LGBT, or is living with a disability, please visit the link below and start sharing your experiences. 

You’ll be able to share your thoughts and opinions via five video responses, helping us to capture feedback and better understand what change is required to take positive steps within our grassroots football community.