Birmingham County FA to Offer Free Affiliation For Season 2020/21

Affiliation and County Cup entrance free of charge to Birmingham FA-affiliated clubs next season (excluding Personal Accident Insurance)
Birmingham County Football Association is delighted to announce that it has made affiliation and County Cup entrance for the 2020/21 season free of charge to all affiliated clubs, thanks to financial support from Sport England via the Football Association.

To help ease the financial burden on clubs during this difficult time, the County FA has released a revised price list for next season ahead of the affiliation portal opening on Monday 1 June, confirming that membership fees, team fees, County Cup entrance and Public Liability Insurance will be free of charge in a bid to support clubs and help kick-start football in the region when allowed to do so. 

Whilst clubs will still need to purchase Personal Accident Insurance for each of their teams for the 2020/21 season, the County FA’s insurance brokers are offering significant price reductions for each of the four levels of cover. As a result of the additional funding made available, BCFA has also made Public Liability Insurance free for each affiliated club. 

Kevin Shoemake, Birmingham FA Chief Executive, said: “This is great news and after all the cancellations at the end of this season and the expected delays for the forthcoming season, it is a positive move which will be warmly welcomed by all clubs in our region. As in previous seasons, it is important for club secretaries, managers and captains to discuss the level of Personal Accident Insurance cover required for each of their squads based on their own needs and circumstances. 

"In addition, clubs are encouraged to purchase other insurance if they own or lease their property and other facilities such as club houses/bars and employ staff and purchase higher levels of cover depending on league rules and the levels of the game their adult male and female teams play at.

"We have seen an influx of enquiries from clubs wishing to affiliate and also a number of enquiries from people wishing to form new clubs and teams, which bodes well for the growth of the game as and when Covid-19 restrictions are lifted and the various formats of the game re-start within the Government guidelines in place at that time.”



SEASON 2020-2021 £

SEASON 2019-2020 £

Personal Accident Insurance- Adult Team (Plus other increased benefits- Refer to Policy Schedule for full details)



Weekly Benefit = £100.00



Weekly Benefit = £75.00



Weekly Benefit = £50.00



Weekly Benefit = £30.00 (BCFA Minimum Requirement)



Personal Accident Insurance – Youth Team (Cover is based on The FA minimum requirements plus other additional benefits – Refer to Policy Schedule for full details)



*Public Liability Insurance (Cover is only operative for any Club Teams that participate at Step 5 and below of the NLS and Tier 3 and below of the Women’s Football Pyramid) (Refer to Policy Schedule for full details)



*Public Liability Insurance – Any Club Teams which participate at Step 4 or above of the NLS or Tiers 1 or 2 of the Women’s Football Pyramid should note that cover will not be in place under this Policy. Clubs must ensure that separate Public Liability Insurance is in place for the Club Teams participating at these levels.