Birmingham County FA Payment Options

We have developed a range of payment options for our customers

In recent years Birmingham County FA has been a cashless business, helped by the fact that 98% of our football clubs pay online via the Whole Game System (WGS).

However, we appreciate that, due to the pandemic and national lockdowns and the fact that the BCFA office has been closed, there are still customers who wish to pay fines and other invoices by card.

Therefore, we have developed a range of payment options to help which are all outlined below.

New BCFA Payment Portal

A new and secure payment portal has been developed that allows you to make immediate debit/card payments outside of the Whole Game System (WGS). Please open the camera app on your smartphone and scan the ‘QR code’ below. Then tap on the link to access the payment portal and simply follow the on-screen instructions. You can then pay using one of the following options: visa/credit card (default option); PayPal; Apple Pay


Bank transfer / Mobile Banking app – Using the following account details

Account Name: Birmingham County FA
Sort Code: 30.99.06
Account No: 01030278
Reference: Please add the invoice number or case number 

Alternatively, click on the link below or copy the link to your web browser:

If you have any further finance queries or issues, our Finance Officer can be contacted between 9am – 5pm (Monday - Friday) on 07815 003823.

Our support portal is live and colleagues can be contacted on:

We would like to wish you all the best for the season.