A cold night in Tipton saw a clash between Tipton Town vs Old Wulfrunians.

A cold night in Tipton saw a clash between Tipton Town vs Old Wulfrunians. The away side got us underway after winning the toss and it was shaky from both sides as neither side seemed to have any confidence on the ball. The home side could not get settled as the keeper had a heart in your mouth moment as he couldn’t get the ball out his feet but managed to win a goal kick after some good pressure from the visitors. But it was the home side that created the first opportunity of the game, playing it in behind to number 11 as he drove forward to lose his man but his cross went astray.

Tipton startled to settle into the game as that number 11 looked lively on the ball and looked to cause the away side troubles. It took till the 10 minute mark to find the first attempt on goal in the match and it was for Old Wulfrunians, but it wasn't to trouble the keeper. Tipton started to put the visitors under some pressure with some good chances being created but they seemed to lack that final product. Old Wulfrunians seemed to adapt well to the high press as they adopted a direct style of play, looking long for quick wingers to get in behind. The home side had a huge chance wasted as number 11 did all the hard work but really poor from number 7 as he more or less passes it to the opposing keeper. 16 minutes into the game and Old Wulfrunians win a penalty with a good drive from the right hand side and a clumsy challenge gives the away side a massive chance to put themselves ahead. 0-1, a calm finish into the bottom left corner and the keeper guessed wrong as he commits to his left.

The away side seem to have identified their danger man as the number 17 easily beats 2 defenders and pulls it back to his teammate only to see his effort well over the bar. The home side respond well to that chance with a drive of their own as number 11 takes the ball into the box but the opposing full back covers well to concede a corner. The direct style from the away side finds success yet again as the number 17 is sent through one on one with the keeper but the keeper makes himself big and manages to prevent the goal but conceded a corner. 10 minutes before half time and Old Wulfrunians have doubled their lead, a great pick out to the overlapping full back who somehow managed to beat the rushing keeper to the ball and lifts it into an empty net, 0-2. Worrying signs started to show for Tipton as their star man so far that number 11 is forced off with an injury just before half time. Tipton needed a goal before half time and they got it, the number 10 cut in on his right just on the edge of the box, and he struck gold. 1-2, on the stroke of half time.

 Half time at Tipton with some interesting scenes, the home side seemed to struggle to deal with the direct approach from the visitors but that strike before half time could give them a needed boost to mount a comeback.

We got back underway with Tipton as they looked to make an instant impact on the game and they very much did. A cross came in from the left side as it was flicked into the number 9 who tidily finished it into the far corner, all square here. The number 17 for Old Wulfrunians still causing problems as he looked like he could be the answer to pulling back the lead for the away side. Poor defending and a lack of control from the Tipton defence and a second penalty awarded to the visitors. Really poor after managing to pull level moments ago. But a big sigh of relief as this time the keeper manages to guess correctly and keep this game level. Tipton look to capitalise on that missed penalty with a shot from the right spilled by the keeper and tapped home by the number 7 for Tipton, the comeback is complete as Tipton find away to turn this game on its head, 3-2. Old Wulfrunians begun to chase this game now but Tipton defended well and stayed strong.

15 minutes left to play and the game was still all to play for with some great back and forth action on display with the home side threatening on the counter as the visitors piled men forward. It didn’t take long for Tipton to decide they wanted to sit on their lead as they pulled back their goal scoring centre forward into centre half. A set piece for the home side and that could be the game! Tipton find a way to double their lead entering the final stages of this game, 4-2. Old Wulfrunians keep picking out their tricky number 17 but Tipton defend strongly against him. Another long ball for Old Wulfrunians and it pays off as it picks out the number 12 who manages to round the keeper and put it into an empty net, 4-3. Old Wulfrunians really went for it at the end buy 2 chances flew over the bar in what seemed like desperation attempts.

The match comes to an end with Tipton emerging victorious, after a slow start for the home side, they managed to kick themselves back up and stage a great comeback with some good football on display despite struggling to defend the direct attacking style of the away side. The full time score reads Tipton Town 4-3 Old Wulfrunians