Birmingham County FA Team Up with Qumu

Qumu and Birmingham County Football Association Team Up for Player Engagement Through Video on Demand

Qumu Corporation (Nasdaq: QUMU), a leading provider of cloud-based enterprise video technology, today announced that it will bring video engagement and tracking capabilities to the Birmingham County Football Association (BCFA). 

For the first time, BCFA’s video content will be available on-demand to nearly 70,000 football players at 1,200 grassroots football clubs and almost 25,000 volunteers across the West Midlands region, providing information, education and valuable resources to those involved in the grassroots game.

Topics covered will include video updates with the Club Welfare Officer community on legislative or administrative changes to safeguarding policies that protect under-18ss and vulnerable adults in the game, ‘How to Guides’ for those new or needing a refresh on the administrative tasks involved in football, as well as ‘call to action’ video campaigns for the youth engagement programme and the recently-launched sustainability project. 

BCFA will utilise the functionality on Qumu’s expansive video on demand (VOD) capability to easily create and widely distribute content quickly and efficiently, with advanced security and scale. BCFA will have complete control over consumption of its videos, and can easily track when videos are viewed, for how long and on what devices, helping to drive future content decisions. End users will even be able to scan a QR code to access exclusive content and subscribe to the Association.

Kevin Shoemake, CEO of Birmingham County Football Association, said: “We are a small team but have to cover a large geographic area, and we know by experience that video content is more engaging with our busy audience.  Our staff have a wealth of knowledge & experience to support football across the region, and with Qumu we can easily produce and share new content, bring members to BCFA and easily expand our engagement reach to provide succinct on-demand support.”

TJ Kennedy, president and CEO at Qumu, added: “BCFA can now holistically and consistently create and distribute asynchronous video through Qumu’s secure platform. As BCFA develops new video resources for everyone, from kids just starting on their football journeys to tenured professionals, Qumu will work alongside their 4,780 teams. We believe that video can drive engagement and performance.” 
For more information about Qumu Cloud, please contact the team or visit Qumu.com.