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Sutton United Ladies edge past Birmingham Medsoc Ladies in the Women's County Cup

Birmingham Medsoc Ladies v Sutton United Ladies

21/11/21, 2pm 

On a cold sunday afternoon, Medsoc kicked the game off and dominated the first 5 minutes with a player narrowly missing a 1 vs1 situation. The first 5 minutes were the most open of the game with both teams trading shots, but none of them were finding the back of the net. The Medsoc players number 8 and 24 were dominating the midfield, but Sutton kept the door shut and played more of a counterattack style of play.

The rest of the first half was a stalemate with both teams trying to get through on goal, not many chances were created. Finally, Sutton United found the breakthrough goal, with number 11 finding space in the middle of the Medsoc box to fire in the opener. This was quickly followed by their second goal, which was the goal of the day. A lovely through ball from the midfield (number 7) to the pacey winger (number 18) who coolly finished powerfully into the bottom corner, making the score 2-0 at halftime.

After the half, Medsoc dominated the ball and had multiple shots on goal, when finally, number 8 scored from a tight angle to help them back into the game. After Medsoc did not receiving a clear penalty, Sutton’s number 17 went on to score, to give them a 2-goal difference once again. Medsoc kept probing and took many shots but troubled to score past the keeper. In the last 5 minutes, Sutton hit them on the break and scored the 4th goal to finish the game (number 18).

The final score: Birmingham Medsoc 1-4 Sutton United.

By Jake Oliver