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FA Publishes Year 1 Review of Safeguarding Strategy

The Year 1 review details how The FA is performing to meet and deliver the safeguarding measures set out

The FA has published the Year 1 report and review into Building an Ever-Safer Culture, football’s united three-year safeguarding strategy, led by The FA.

The Year 1 review details how The FA is performing to meet and deliver the safeguarding measures set out, as well as the steps taken to meet the recommendations from Clive Sheldon QC’s March 2021 independent report into allegations of non-recent child sexual abuse in football.

The five focus areas and strategic goals for Building an Ever-Safer Culture include:


To provide strong leadership of safeguarding across the game and deliver effective governance frameworks.


To clearly communicate the expected standards, regulations, and policies across the game and to support those in designated safeguarding roles to drive and monitor safeguarding practice and culture.


To create ever-safer football environments through robust recruitment processes, driving safer working practice and culture, utilising insight and delivering clear messaging and inspirational campaigns.


To deliver accessible, impactful safeguarding education programmes, resources and information to help create ever-safer football environments for children and adults at risk.


To make the reporting of concerns as easy as possible, continue to build strong partnerships with statutory agencies in managing abuse cases, provide guidance on managing low-level concerns and deliver robust case management by The FA.

Across all the focus areas in the Building an Ever-Safer Culture strategy, we’ve been making good progress and safeguarding remains a constant Board agenda item. The Year 1 review includes key achievements and progress made, as well as a series of safeguarding case studies across the game. It also highlights The FA’s priorities and targets across the five core areas for Year 2 of the strategy.

Key areas of progress highlighted in the Year 1 review and report include:

The inaugural safeguarding in football weekend last November, which kicked-off off our ongoing Play Safe campaign to continue to drive awareness across the game
Our new safeguarding awareness course for parents and carers, making them aware of the vital role they can play and crucially, how to report their concerns
Child-centred innovative research we are undertaking with Chichester University, giving us a far greater insight into how children’s voices are being and can be empowered at club level

The FA will continue to produce an annual report into Safeguarding measures and protocols, and it will continue to take a leadership role in promoting and prioritising safeguarding at every level of the game.

Download Building an Ever-Safer Culture – Annual Report and Review, Year 1 HERE