BCFA x UW Partnership

Partnership: UtilityWorks

Birmingham County FA is proud to partner with energy and sustainability consultant, UtilityWorks.

Birmingham County FA is proud to announce a new partnership with energy and sustainability consultant, UtilityWorks.

UtilityWorks are a forward-thinking consultant that provide an innovative and transparent approach to business utility costs. Their exclusive BCFA Energy Product, which is a risk managed procurement solution, ensures Football Clubs access the most competitive 100% renewable energy prices. Not only that, but they also embrace Net-Zero solutions which can reduce their overall energy consumption, carbon footprint and make sustainability goals a reality.

UtilityWorks partnership with Birmingham County FA signals their commitment to helping football clubs of all shapes and sizes at the heart of their local communities, during the energy crisis. The partnership will also deliver the first of its kind financial support fund that will have a positive impact on both sustainability goals and community activity, with plans to support up to 100 projects that meet the criteria over the next 3 years.

Craig Gillespie, Managing Director of UtilityWorks, said: “The team and I are extremely excited about working with Birmingham County FA and supporting Football Clubs through the energy crisis. They are an integral part of our community that do so much more than just play football. Our exclusive energy purchasing product available to members of BCFA will not only give clubs access to cheaper energy contracts but, it will also develop a fund that supports clubs on their sustainability goals and has positive impacts throughout their communities”.

Richard Lindsay, Business Insights Manager at Birmingham County FA, said: “We have been all too aware over recent months the pressure that rising energy costs is having on football clubs regionally and nationally, both from an operational aspect but also footfall through the turnstiles on a matchday as attendances drop while fans try to manage their finances. The model that UtilityWorks have created will offer football clubs a fantastic, unique opportunity to collaborate collectively for the benefit of football, the planet, as well as supporting the wider grassroots community”

We have recognised that all clubs are being impacted by both rising energy costs and the cost-of-living crisis. This has put sustainability goals on hold for many clubs and has also directly impacted the positive work they do in the community.

The aim of the partnership is to provide access to products that mitigate the risk with rising energy costs, support sustainability goals and provides community-based activity funds that enable Football Clubs to navigate the current economic climate.

To find out more about UtilityWorks and download the Energy Toolkit, please visit https://www.utilityworks.co.uk/bcfa/

Over the coming months Birmingham County FA will release more details on the partnership.

For more on Birmingham County FA, please visit https://www.birminghamfa.com/