Referee Registration

Referee Registration 2022/23: Now Open

Referees must register each season to ensure they can referee in affiliated leagues

Birmingham County Football Association is delighted to announce that referee registration for the new season is open.

In preparation for the 2022/23 season and under FA regulations, referees must register each season to ensure they can referee in affiliated leagues. Upon completing registration, you will receive your affiliation number which will show on your Whole Game System (WGS) account. To access the registration portal please log in via the Whole Game System.

The fee for this year’s registration is £20 and can be paid via the WGS.


1. Log on to Whole Game System using your email address and password

2. Select the referee administration tab which will take you to your referee dashboard

3. Select referee re-registration for 2022/23, then follow the steps to complete your registration


We encourage all referees to register online. Doing so will enable you to manage and edit your personal details and football preferences. However, if you are unable to access the WGS, we can provide assistance.

If a referee has login issues or cannot login to WGS, this should be reported to 

If you experience any problems inside of WGS with your registration, please contact our team via


All referees MUST have an in-date appropriate safeguarding qualification on their record in order to allow them to re-register for season 2021/22.

Referees in the view who are 14/15 years old

1.  Complete the free one hour Safeguarding For All 

Referees in the view who are 16+, but completed their previous Safeguarding qualification as a 14/15 year old can;

1.  Complete free one hour Safeguarding For All
2.  Complete the new Online Safeguarding Children Course

All other Referees in the view who are 16+ can;

1.  Complete the free one hour Safeguarding For All 

2.  If they have a previous Safeguarding Workshop Date, complete the free online recertification

3.  Complete the new Online Safeguarding Children Course


Transition Accredited Leagues (Recently 16 into Open Age Football)

To support the transition of referees from youth football into the open age game while providing a positive experience for the referees. These leagues have appointment secretaries who have undertaken mentoring training and feature a league structure where you can progress at your own speed.

Early Development Scheme (New Referee CPD)

Support new referees within Year 1 and Year 2 of refereeing providing 3 doses of CPD per season. These sessions will be paid with your referee course booking and will take place face to face and virtually. Combined with online leaning modules, this scheme will provide you with the building blocks of your refereeing journey.


Potential Development Programme (PDP)

Referees that are identified though the Referee Developers on the FA Referee’s course, and through leagues wit the potential to progress. These referees will receive supplemental CPD across the season to support their development.


New Promotion Pathway - Speed up your 'route' to the 'Top'

The Referee Progression Pathway will create more progression opportunities for more o­fficials across the grassroots game (Level 5-7 & Level Y). The new pathway has been specifically designed to give you control over your own route up the referee ladder, at the pace you choose. With promotion opportunities at four points over the course of the season (31 October, 31 December, 28 February, 30 April), there is no longer the need to wait until the end of the season before achieving your goal.

Women's Game Support Group

On two occasions each season we will support those referees who are active or aspiring to be on 4W-3W-2W pathway to support your progress towards the on FAWNL and FAWC. A great opportunity to meet, socialise and have fun while refereeing.


If you have any questions on the above initiatives, please contact