Birmingham County FA partners with Football Rebooted

We have partnered with Utilita's 'Football Rebooted' campaign to save one million pairs of boots from landfill.

Birmingham County FA Partners with Utilita's 'Football Rebooted' campaign to save one million pairs of boots from landfill 

'The first step in creating a circular economy within grassroots football'

Birmingham County FA’s Save Today, Play Tomorrow programme is kicking off 2022 by partnering with Football Rebooted to help them achieve their ambitious target of saving one million pairs of football boots from landfill, and redistributing them across the West Midlands region through a network of boot collection points located at grassroots football clubs.

Football Rebooted is football’s biggest ever environmental movement with a mission to save at least one million pairs of football boots from landfill, by getting them back onto the feet of players right across the UK.

The simple, but innovative campaign has been co-created by former international football star David James MBE, grassroots football communities, and Utilita Energy - the UK’s only energy company created to help households use less energy to save the pocket, and the planet.

Every time a pair of football boots or trainers is made, about 30lbs of carbon is generated[i]. In the Birmingham County FA region there are upwards of 100,000 registered players, so it is easy to see how this is having a detrimental impact on the environment.

Football Rebooted aims to rehome one million pairs of ‘pre-played’ football boots and AstroTurf trainers, saving families money in the process, as well as 136,000 tonnes of carbon – the same as taking 7,000 cars off the road for a year[ii] or turning the energy off in one million medium-sized houses for a week

Richard Lindsay, Business Insights Manager at Birmingham County FA and Project Lead for Save Today, Play Tomorrow, says: “We are proud to be part of Utilita’s Football Rebooted Programme and have been motivated by the number of grassroots clubs from across the region that have offered their support in the collection, cleaning, and redistribution of boots. "The positive impact on the region could be huge; not just environmentally but also socially. As the cost of living starts to rise further, the financial pressure for many may mean purchasing new football boots is not an option. Being able to keep people playing the game by accessing footwear through the Football Rebooted programme is incredible.”

James Heyes, Partnerships Manager from Utilita, adds: "As we approach the Football Rebooted campaign’s first birthday, we’re bowled over by the response so far. Birmingham County FA’s backing will further boost the campaign and will impact thousands of lives, whilst protecting the planet.” 

So far, 20 clubs from across the region have been assigned collection points, but it is hoped over the coming months this number will double as more clubs come on board. All the active donation locations can be found via the Birmingham County FA website here, and are listed on the campaign’s national website here. 

In February 2021, Birmingham County FA were accepted as signatories to the UN’s Sport for Climate Action Framework. Save Today, Play Tomorrow now forms the cornerstone of BCFA’s statement of intent to connect positive climate action with grassroots football and support leagues, clubs and teams. 

Launched in June 2021, Save Today, Play Tomorrow is a series of planned initiatives, strategic partnerships and infrastructure investment that fall under four key themes - health and wellbeing, positive education, climate action and reconnecting football with nature. 

For further information about the Save Today, Play Tomorrow programme, please visit:


[ii] Cars of the road calculation:

30 lbs of carbon per pair of running shoes (source)

1 million pairs of boots rehomed = 30,000,000 lbs carbon

30,000,000 / 2200 (lbs to tonne) = 13,636 tonnes of carbon

13,636 tonnes of carbon saved = 6,852 cars of the road for a year**

Average miles per car per year is 7200 (source)

0.27584 kgsCOe/mile (average car size, unknown fuel - source) 

7200 multiplied by 0.27584 = 1,986 kgsCOe per car per year or 1.99 tonnes COe per car per year

13,636 tonnes of carbon saved divided by 1.99 = 6,852 cars of the road for a year

1000 pair rehomed, we’ll save 13.6 tonnes of carbon - equivalent to 6.8 cars of the road 


[iii] Electricity consumed calculation

2900 kWh for average electricity consumption per home*

0.23314 kgs is the amount of carbon emissions generated by one KWh of energy**

2900 divided by 365 = 7.94 kWh/day

7.94 multiplied by 0.23314 = 1.85 kgCOe / day

13.6kgsCO divided by 1.85 = 7.35 days of electricity consumption per pair of boots rehomed.