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Mental Health Week in Focus

Engaging, sociable and fun football sessions!

MINDFul fa

Mindful FA started as a small group, based in Coventry. They welcomed people who had experienced issues with mental health in their lives, but by being involved in a weekly game of football together, they began to see and feel the benefits of being in a welcoming, inclusive environment with like-minded people.

MFA grew from there into the winning formula it is today whereby they run drills/skill games and small-sided matches with an emphasis on it being engaging, sociable and more importantly, fun.

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Encouraging, Healthy, Minds, Together is a group set up to come together and enjoy weekly sessions of fun football to help with physical and mental health.   

The group has grown over the past year and have managed to gain some well needed equipment such as footballs and gloves recently.

As a group, in addition to having played a friendly and had a fun day to raise awareness of mental health, have plans for hikes / walks in the coming future.

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Aston Villa Foundation 

Aston Villa Foundation offer multiple sessions through their TeamWork programme, to find information on sessions please email