Coundon Court Ladies huddled on the pitch.

Birmingham FA Launch Diversity and Inclusion Action Plan for 2024

The County FA is proud to announce the 2024 strategy.

Foreword by Monica Shafaq, Senior Independent Director and IAG Chair at Birmingham County Football Association:

As we navigate the ever-evolving landscape of modern football, it is imperative that we, as the Birmingham County Football Association, uphold values that reflect the richness of diversity and inclusivity within our community.

Football transcends boundaries; it unites people from all walks of life, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, ability, or background. It is within this spirit of unity that we recognise the importance of ensuring that everyone, without exception, feels valued, respected, and empowered within our footballing family.

This action plan is a testament to our commitment to fostering an inclusive and equitable football environment within our county. It is not merely a document - it is a pledge to embrace the uniqueness of every individual involved in the beautiful game. Our goal is clear: to create a football community that mirrors the diversity of the county and ensures that everyone, regardless of background, feels welcomed, valued, and respected. Through proactive initiatives, robust policies, and meaningful partnerships, we strive to create a culture where diversity is celebrated, and inclusion is embraced as fundamental to our identity.

In the spirit of teamwork that defines football, this action plan has been crafted collaboratively, drawing insights from stakeholders across the spectrum of our football community. We have listened to voices that have been unheard for too long and acknowledged the importance of representation at all levels. The plan reflects our collective ambition to eliminate discrimination, promote diversity, and champion inclusion.

However, our journey towards true diversity and inclusion is ongoing, and it requires the collective effort of every stakeholder involved in Birmingham County Football Association. It demands open dialogue, continuous education, and unwavering commitment to challenging discrimination and prejudice wherever they may arise.

With dedication, perseverance, and a shared vision of inclusivity, I am confident that we can make Birmingham County Football Association a shining example of a county where football is truly for all.


To view the 2024 DIAP, click here