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Key Affiliation Changes for 2024

All the changes you need to know to affiliate for the 2024/25 season.

Ahead of the 2024/25 Affiliation portal opening in June, please find below key changes and important information that you need to know.


Season Rollover 2024

There will be two periods of system downtime required from 1st June - 5th June, and 1st July - 3rd July. Due to this, Club Affiliation and Player Registration will open for County FA's after the system downtime in June. Once a date has been confirmed, this will be announced via our social media.

Safeguarding Requirements for Affiliation - Key Changes

Open-Aged Clubs & Teams

There has been a significant change to Safeguarding requirements for Open-Aged teams as follows:

  • There must be a minimum of one named Club Welfare Officer who has taken the Player Welfare Course. The course is free, and can be found here. Please note that Welfare Officers of disability teams, NLS 1-4 and professional teams do not need to complete the Player Welfare Course.
  • All adult team managers/coach(es)/assistant(s) (including medics) must hold the Player Welfare Course.
  • Open-Aged teams must accept the relevant Safeguarding Declaration(s) for the club within the portal.
  • Should an Open-Aged team have any Youth players registered, or wishes to sign any Youth Players (16/17 years old), the Welfare Officer and the team manager/coach(es)/assistant(s) must hold a valid, Enhanced DBS check.

For further information or clarification on the above as a Open-Aged Club/Team, please contact 

Youth Clubs & Teams

To affiliate Youth Teams for the 24/25 season, the following is required:

Adult Disability Teams

To affiliate adult disability teams for the 24/25 season, the following is required:

  • Minimum one named Club Welfare Officer (Adult Disability) that holds an in-date FA Safeguarding Adults course qualification.
  • Accept the relevant Safeguarding Declaration(s) for the club.


Changes to Fees

Team Affiliation Fees

Team fees will change for the 2024/25 season from £5.00 to £7.50 per team. 

Youth Personal Accident Insurance

Youth Personal Accident Injury Insurance has incresed from £20.00 to £24.00 per team. This is due to improved cover included in the policy.


Club Affiliation Process for 24/25

The process for affiliation in the Club portal is as below:

  1. Check officials and qualifications
  2. Check ground data (for training and matches)
  3. Adopt the relevant documents
  4. Fold old teams
  5. Create new teams
  6. Enter competitions
  7. Check County Cup entries
  8. Add the relevant insurance
  9. Make payment
  10. Complete affiliation


For further support or clarification, please contact