Initiatives / Programmes

Birmingham FA offers a wide range of initiatives and programmes to support the development of our Referees.

The Initiatives / Programmes which we currently offer are:   

  • Referee Observer Day
  • Exchange Visits

Referee Observer Day

Referee Observer Day is for match-officials who are interested in becoming a Referee observer. 

This one day course will help new observers understand the importance of accurate note taking and introduce the competencies that a referee is expected to demonstrate at an appropriate level of football. Candidates will be tasked with watching a live refereeing performance where their notes and findings will be used to produce an observation report on the official.

If you are interested in becoming a Referee Observer please contact Referee Development Officer Richard Watson.


Exchange Visits 

Exchange visits is a fantastic opportunity for 6 selected referees to showcase their talent and also gain valuable knowledge and experience from match officials from various parts of the country.

Each year 6 referees are selected by Birmingham FA's Referee Development team, based upon the shortlist made by affiliated league officials.  

If you would like to know more about Birmingham FA Referee Exchange Visits, please get in contact with us.

Get In Touch

Get In Touch


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Have you been a Level 6 or higher in the refereeing levels?

  • You must be available at the weekend and in the week to attend games.
  • Identify in referees area of development and deliver messages in a developmental way.

Birmingham FA's Exchange Visits are open to all affiliated Referees, the selection process is decided by the Referee Development Team. 

International Football Association Board

laws of the game

Stay up-to-date on the laws of the game, set by the International Football Associations Board, which features representatives from The Football Associations of England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and FIFA.

  • Law 1: Field of play
  • Laws 2: The ball
  • Laws 3 : The players
  • Laws 4: The Players Equipment
  • Plus more

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