Debt Recovery

Recover your Football Debt

Unfortunately in football there are occasions when players leave clubs without paying their debts and sometimes leaving clubs in financial difficulty. At Birmingham FA we operate a system to collect football debts on behalf of our affiliated clubs and leagues.

Under FA Regulations, football debts are defined as those costs where actual monies have been expanded arising directly from football activity and such would include:

  • Match Costs (e.g. match fees)
  • League Costs (e.g. repair to cups etc.)
  • Fines from discipline cases (cautions, dismissals, misconduct charges)
  • Playing expenses (e.g. pitch hire)

The following are not considered to be football debts:

  • Kit/ Equipment
  • Club subscriptions
  • Signing on fees
  • Internal Club fines (except for those imposed as a result of discipline cases)
  • Fund Raising schemes
  • End of season trip costs



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Football debts are defined as those costs arising directly from football activity, and as such would include disciplinary costs (e.g. fines), match costs (e.g. match fees) and playing expenses (e.g. pitch hire).

Incidental costs (e.g. fund raising activities, club subscriptions) do not fall within the scope of Football Debt Recovery.

Fines from discipline cases (cautions, dismissals, misconduct charges) and match fees

Kit/Equipment, Club subscriptions/Signing on fees/Internal club fines, Lottery or any other fund raising schemes, End of season trip costs and Club Debts.

You should contact us as soon as possible having taken all reasonable steps to recover the debt yourself. However, this must be between 28 days of formal payment being requested and 112 days of the debt being incurred.

No. You can contact the local County Court and complete a small claims application request.
We can help you with the recovery of debts relating to match cost (including fees), league costs, discipline fines and playing expenses, such as; pitch hire.