Extra Time Service

Birmingham FA Extra Time Service for clubs

Birmingham FA is committed to sustain and also growing football within the county and have set up a extra time service for clubs at the risk of folding 

Teams may get into difficulty throughout the season be it through finances, lack of volunteers and/or players - This is where we can all help!

The ‘Extra time’ service gives leagues, clubs and volunteers the ability to make Birmingham FA aware of any teams that may fold and give them the opportunity to seek help and advice.

We understand that it's not easy to run a club and that there may get be a number of difficulties throughout the season, whether that be through finances, lack of volunteers and/or players.

We are here to help and can offer a range of support to teams during difficult times

  • Funding schemes

  • Marketing opportunities

  • Training for coaches and volunteers

We are also encouraging leagues to place the ‘extra time’ help button on their website and promote to member clubs.

We are also encouraging local leagues to make the most of the ‘extra time’ service for any of their member clubs at risk of folding!

So if you know of a team which could do with some help then please get in touch!


E: Support@BirminghamFA.com

Phone: 0121 357 4278