Player registration

Register Players on the Whole Game System

As part of a commitment by The FA and County FAs to improve the administration experience for grassroots football volunteers, new online player registration functionality has recently been introduced into the Whole Game System (WGS).

Following a successful six month pilot programme during which over 130,000 players were registered across 50 participating leagues, the new functionality is now to be made available to all grassroots leagues and clubs in England.

 Here is how Player Registration works:

  • Leagues setup up online registration requirements in WGS
  • Clubs develop a player list and organise those players into teams
  • Clubs then submit this information through online registration on WGS
  • Leagues review & approve clubs online registration information
  • Finally the information is automatically integrated with Full-Time
Why register players?

player registration

Benefits to registering players online...

  • Secure storage of player records
  • Keep your records up to date
  • More efficient Club discipline management
  • Use of the FA number (FAN) to create a single player view
  • Better information for your Club to help you plan for the future

A Guide to Player Registration has been created to offer more information about the process. 

answers to your frequently asked questions

You can add a player through the Whole Game System through the 'Player Registration' tab. In the first instance, you will be prompted to search for the player using their full name and date of birth. If the player is not on the system, you can continue to complete the record for that player.

Please email us with the details and we can de-depulicate the records for you.

Clubs can add officials through the Whole Game System by going to Club Officials and clicking 'Add Official'.

This is due to the gender of the team being set to male. This will need to be changed to a 'mixed' team on the Whole Game System. Please email the details to to get this amended.

This matter must be referred to If the player comes back as being clear, then please email the details to us and we will add the player to your Club record.

Online consent is the players (if over 18) or parents (if the player is under 18) giving their consent to play for the Club. If a Club clicks 'Online Consent' then a notification goes to the player or parent. They then have to log in to their Whole Game System account and accept the Club's request.