Clubs & Leagues Volunteer Roles

Grassroots football simply wouldn’t exist without the army of volunteers across the region.

Learn about some of the roles you can take on below to play your part, keep the game running, and support the unique grassroots community.



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Club & league roles

The role of a Chairperson is to oversee the running of the Club or League and ensure that it is run efficiently and managed appropriately. They will lead Club/League meetings and provide leadership across all areas of operation.

The Secretary is one of the most important roles in a Club or League. As the primary contact for Birmingham FA, team managers, and the Club or League, the Secretary will look after the main administrative duties.

The Treasurer’s role will be to ensure that the Club stays financially sustainable, to pay all expenses, ensure monies owed to the Club are collected, and to keep an accurate record of income and expenditure.

The Fixtures Secretary will be in charge of organising fixtures for the League, a role that may involve pitch allocations.

All teams will require a Manager to organise the team for fixtures, lead the team on match days, and organise training. In a lot of cases this will also include coaching the team. All Managers/Coaches in youth football require an in date FA Criminal Records Check.

The Welfare Officer should ensure that the Club or League operates a safe, child friendly environment and promotes good practice in line with The FA and the organisation's Safeguarding and Welfare Policies.

safeguarding & welfare

Safeguarding Is Everyone's Responsibility

Whatever your involvement in football, you have a responsibility to make our game as safe and enjoyable as possible for everyone.

Find out how The FA and Birmingham FA manages safeguarding nationally and locally.