The Lifeblood of Our Game

Volunteers make the game happen.

Without the time, dedication, and commitment volunteers demonstrate each and every week across our region, Clubs and Leagues simply would not exist.

These people are the unsung heroes that make the grassroots game thrive week-in week-out, and the success of the game across the region really is testament to their hard work and dedication.

At Birmingham FA, we recognise the hugely important role that our volunteers play to help us achieve our main objective – simply to allow people of all ages and backgrounds to enjoy the game of football.

Each summer we host an annual awards dinner to recognise and reward the volunteers across our region. Look out for nominations around March each year and make sure the people in your organisation are recognised!


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Get involved in the game

play your part

Grassroots football simply would not exist without the army of volunteers involved in the game. From coaches and grounds people, to tea makers and administrators. Clubs and Leagues need volunteers to keep running.

There are a whole host of benefits to be enjoyed through volunteering, including:

  • Building your CV
  • Making new friends
  • Developing transferable skills & experiences
  • Gaining qualifications
  • Keeping fit & active in your community
  • Having fun & enjoying the beautiful game

volunteer in local football



Volunteering is open to anyone and there are lots of different roles required to run a football club, from physical roles such as Coach, to behind the scenes roles such as Club Secretary.

Learn about the roles that you can get involved in here.

Check out our volunteering opportunities page for a list of clubs and leagues looking for volunteers

You can start your journey, to being a Grassroots Hero now!!

You can volunteer with limited to no experience! Volunteering is open all!