Ensure you are covered to play football

All member clubs of Birmingham Football Association are required to have both Personal Accident Insurance and Public Liability Insurance in place in order to complete their Affiliation each season.

Public Liability Insurance

Birmingham FA provides all member Clubs with cover of £10 million as part of the Club Affiliation process, therefore you do not need to purchase this separately.

Upon successful completion of annual affiliation, a new copy of the schedule of cover can be obtained by emailing

Personal Accident Insurance

All Clubs must also have valid Personal Accident Insurance for every registered team each season. If players are injured whilst participating in football, Personal Accident Insurance can help to offset any financial loss or unexpected expenses.

Every team within your Club should have its own Personal Accident policy. This should cover the entirety of the playing season and should be renewed every season.

We have a longstanding partnership with grassroots sport insurance provider, Sportsguard, and cover can be purchased from Sportsguard during online Affiliation within the Whole Game System.

For further information about Personal Accident Insurance, please email

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Public Liability Insurance is provided by Birmingham FA as part of your Club Affiliation, so you don’t need to worry about purchasing this separately.

Personal Accident Insurance can be purchased when completing your Club Affiliation form within the Whole Game System.

Once you have completed your Club Affiliation, a copy of the Association’s Public Liability policy can be obtained by emailing

Please include your Club name and Affiliation number.

The level of cover you wish to provide your players is up to you as a Club Committee and optional extensions are available at the time of purchase.

Birmingham FA has negotiated the very best cover through our insurance partners, Sportsguard, and all premiums meet the mandatory levels of cover for both youth and adult players.

For more information and to get your cover started, please email