Man v Fat Football

MAN v FAT Football is a football league for men who want to lose weight

Our FA Affiliated clubs have games that are decided on weight loss, bonus goals, as well as pitch scores.

You get online and real world support to help you beat fat and get fit, and with over 90% of players losing weight, the only thing you’ve got to lose is weight.

MAN v FAT Football is football exclusively for guys who want to lose weight. 

Every player is in the same situation and wants the same thing - to enjoy football, lose weight and get healthier. Uniquely, the league is decided not just on points won, but pounds lost. We give support to every player with unique resources, inspiration and 24/7 support to help you lose weight, get fitter and enjoy the beautiful game.

You must be 18 or over to play, and as MAN v FAT Football is for helping men lose weight, you must have a BMI of 27.5 or above to join.

It costs £9.99 to register, and then £27.50 a month to play. If there’s a waiting list, you won’t start paying your monthly subscription until you’re assigned to a team.

Yes! In fact, most of our players join on their own. We know it can be intimidating to join something new, but we’ve all been there. You’ll receive a warm welcome from your MAN v FAT Football club’s coach as well as your new teammates and the rest of the club.

If you’re an FA qualified referee and you’d like to get involved with officiating MAN v FAT Football matches, email for more information.

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